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Desert Oasis High School is a school that provides students an opportunity to meet high school graduation requirements, such as the appropriate course credits. Our small student population is appealing to students who prefer a more individualized program. Our primary goal is to offer students the tools and opportunities to succeed in obtaining a high school diploma from the Central Union High School District.

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1st Semester Honor roll 3.0 or above

Elssie Alvarado Tamayo
Silvia Avila
Abril Ayala
Arlene Ayon
Noehmi Baeza
Jasmin Castillo
Josue Estrada
Emilio Hernandez
Zachery Loop
Fernando Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
Alexander Merlos
Irene Molina
Julieanne Muñoz
Yaerim Navarro
Edna Ramos
Andrew Rosette
Arlene Salazar
Anthony Sanchez
David Vega
Trixy Young
Fernando O'Campo