2018 California Model Continuation High School / Six year WASC Accreditation thru June 30, 2025

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Desert Oasis High School is a school that provides students an opportunity to meet high school graduation requirements, such as the appropriate course credits. Our small student population is appealing to students who prefer a more individualized program. Our primary goal is to offer students the tools and opportunities to succeed in obtaining a high school diploma from the Central Union High School District.

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Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are pleased to inform you that Desert Oasis High School and Phoenix Rising High School will be implementing a new option available to schools participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs called the Community Eligibility Provision for 2017-2018 School Year.

What does this mean for you and your child(ren)?  Great news for you and your students!  All enrolled students of Desert Oasis High School and Phoenix Rising High School are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at school at no charge to your household each day of the 2017/2018 school year.

No further action is required of you. Your child(ren) will be able to participate in these meal programs without having to pay a fee or submit an application.


Estimado padre/tutor:

Nos complace informarles que Desert Oasis High School y Phoenix Rising High School implementarán una nueva opción disponible para escuelas participantes en los programas National School Lunch y School Breakfast Programs. Está nueva opción se conoce como la provisión Community Eligibility Provisions para el ciclo escolar 2017/2018.

 ¿Qué significa esto para usted y su(s) estudiante(s)? ¡Buenas noticias para usted y su estudiante! Todo estudiante inscrito en Desert Oasis y Phoenix Rising High School reúnen los requisitos para recibir un desayuno y almuerzo saludable sin costo alguno durante todo el ciclo escolar 2017/2018.

Usted no debe tomar acciones adicionales. Su(s) estudiante(s) podrá(n) participar en estos programas de comida sin tener que pagar o presentar una solicitud.


State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Announces
Model Continuation High Schools for 2018

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson today announced that 32 schools were newly designated as Model Continuation High Schools for 2018. These schools are recognized for creating innovative programs that focus on academics and social and emotional learning and helping students who have faced many challenges, including chronic absenteeism and truancy, get back on the path to realizing their full academic potential.

“These model continuation high schools provide a space where students can feel a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence and receive strong educational support,” said Torlakson. ”Creating an academically challenging yet encouraging school climate can help turn an at-risk student on the verge of dropping out into a high school graduate prepared for a future career or college.”

All the schools honored offer strategic and specialized programs. For example:
Desert Oasis High School in El Centro has a counseling staff that is exceptionally dedicated to preparing students for academic opportunities after graduation. The school has cultivated strong partnership with local community colleges, hosts college orientation and financial aid workshops, and allows dual enrollment classes on campus.


Notice is hereby given that the Central Union High School District will hold a public review for the consideration of adopting the following textbooks for World History, U.S History, Government, and Economics courses:
*Pearson Education Inc. World History: The Modern Era (California Edition) (c) 2019
*Pearson Education Inc. United States History: The Twentieth Century (California Edition) (c) 2019
*Pearson Education Inc. Magruder's American Government (California Edition) (c)2019
*Pearson Education Inc. Economics: Principals in Action (California Edition) (c)2019
*Pearson Education Inc. AP American Government: Roots and Reforms (2016 Presidential Edition) (c)2018
*BFW/Worth Publishers.Krugman's Economics for AP (C)2015
The Public is invited to review the textbooks at the CUHSD Administrative Office any time between 8:00 a.m.  and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday through April 10, 2018. The Office is located at 351 W.Ross Avenue, El Centro, Ca 92243. The Governing Board encourages participation by parents, teachers, members of the community and bargaining unit leaders in the review process.
Adoption of the Social Studies instructional materials listed above is schedule to take place at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on April 10, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.
Fernando O'Campo